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Writing skill: The expression in business affairs writing watchs 6 sentence patt
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Business affairs writing is a thing that headaches quite. We discuss the issue on skill of a few writing now. This we look how to express a point of view in writing.

1.There Are Some Good Reasons For. . .

This is a sentence pattern that uses analytic account. We see the case below:

The reason that people life state improves has at 2 o'clock. Above all, we are in all the time implement policy of executive reforming and opening. Next, national economy is growing quickly, and birthrate has gotten controlling.

There Are Two Reasons For The Improvement In People's Living Conditions. In The First Place, we Have Been Carrying Out The Reform And Opening-up Policy. Secondly, there Has Been A Rapid Expansion Of Our National Economy. Furthermore, the Birth Rate Has Been Put Under Control.

2.My Suggestions To Deal With The Problem Are As Follows. In The First Place, . . . Secondly, . . . Finally, . . .

This is the sentence pattern of a to table a proposal. We look below this paragraph of character is how to use this sentence pattern:

I am as follows to solving the proposal of this problem. Above all, of extremely urgent is to build natural groove guard. Next, rare wild animal should receive the precious that some are close to eradicating catch, artificial feed is progenitive. Finally, the person of rare to catching hunt precious wild animal must be punished severely.

My Suggestions To Deal With The Problem Are As Follows. In The First Place, it Is Urgent To Create Nature Reserves. Secondly, certain Rare Wild Animals That Are Going To Be Extinct Should Be Collected, fed And Reproduced Artificially. Finally, those Who Hunt Them Must Be Punished Severely.

3.It Is Important (necessary, urgent, difficult, easy, expensive, desirable, advisable, convenient, comfortable) For Sb. To Do Sth.

This is one uses the sentence pattern that expresses an opinion. We read the exemple article below:

People hopes to build center of more hospitals, shopping centers, recreation, cinema and other and public facilities to satisfy the demand that people increases increasingly.

It Is Desirable To Build More Hospitals, shopping Centers, recreation Centers, cinemas And Other Public Facilities To Meet The Growing Needs Of People.

4.As A Popular Saying Goes "Everything Has Two Sides. As A Popular Saying Goes "Everything Has Two Sides..

This is one uses the sentence pattern that causes advantages and disadvantages to analyse. Read the article below paragraph how to apply it:
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