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Congratulatory letter composes criterion and example to teach you specific writi
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Promote to a high office when know someone or be to be on the career when gaining huge success, should make a telephone call or be to write sign congratulation. The commercial collaboration relation with this kind of friendly to build and consolidating friendly intercouse has profit greatly.

Here Are Some Principles That Congratulatory Letters Follow:

1.The Purpose Of Writing The Letter Is To Make Your Reader Feel Certain That He Or She Deserves The Special Message Of Recognition And Praise.

2.The Note Should Be Brief, dealing With The Primary Topic Only. These Messages Are Most Effective When They Conduct No Business.

3.The Whole Message Should Carry A Tone Of Being Positive And Conversational.

4.Be Sure To Send The Letter Within A Few Days Of The Event. Any Delay In Delivery Of The Message Would Make Your Effort Worse Than No Effort At All.

Had told congratulatory letter to write a few standard that should follow, we read specific writing means below through a correspondence.

Dear Mr. Haskel

Congratulations On Your Recent Promotion To Head The Marketing Department Of California Metals.

My Fellow Managers And I Are Delighted That Your Work In The Marketing Field Has Been Recognized This Way And We Join In Sending You Our Very Best Wishes For The Future.

Through The Five Years Of Working Together With You, many Of Us Well Aware Of How Much You've Contributed To The Association Between Our Two Corporations. We Are All Looking Forward To Your Trip To China Next Month When We Will Celebrate Your Advancement In A More Formal Way.

Again, congratulations To You, mr. Haskel - Good Luck And Good Wishes On Your New Position As Director Of Marketing Department.

Cordially Yours


Lin Daming

Marketing Director

Beijing New Metals

In this congratulatory letter, the person that write a letter one begin without preamble the person that congratulate collection is rising, mention expressly in detail again next the affirmation of the appreciation that oneself work to the other side, achievement. In the part of correspondence ending, what the mood that the person that write a letter changes with spoken language congratulates the other side again is rising, end letter with this. Congratulatory letter is written rise very simple, right?

(exemple article origin: " international business affairs composes a tutorial " , external press of economic commerce university)
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