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All sorts of " the jeans " how should convey with English
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The style sort of the dress has a lot of. Have popularity the bull-puncher of hundred years, have recreational and comfortable T-shirt, have elegance installing, also have common ground booth money. How should be these phyletic dresses conveyed with English? Want to know not to miss the content below.

1.I Like This Tank Top. It Goes With My Baggy Jeans.

I like this vest, its hop-pocket jeans with me is very tie-in.

The someone says American compares Europe person and Japanese ignored dress, the observation that occupies me also is such. The standard dress of American schoolgirl is normally a T-shirt or it is the small lovely a sleeveless garment that shows navel (Tank Top) , match a jeans again (Jeans) . The schoolboy's word is about the same also, only poor won't come out navel dew just.

This Tank Top is mentioned above, it is the vest that tells in Chinese, namely the sort of sleeveless jacket. Have the lily-white vest that a kind of schoolboy wears, look like the Tank Top like underwear, old beauty calls play of this kind of Tank Top Wife-beater. The person that because they feel,can wear this kind of vest has strong muscle normally and the meeting on the arm is aculeate green. After feel even if coming home, this likes to the person to play wife, so this kind of White Tank Top is called by close Wife-beater. Those who need a specification is Wife-beater can point to White Tank Top not only. It points to the dress of some kind of special style. This word talks between friend of be confined to only laugh with.

Baggy this word is " comfortable " meaning, the comfortable knickers that a kind of schoolboy is worn calls Baggy Pants. And Baggy Jeans is to point to " hop-pocket " the jeans, be the sort of trouser fat fertilizer, the jeans like looking like a hop-pocket. The style of the jeans with a bit normaller other still has pants of such as straight canister (Straight Jeans) , boots pants (Boot Cut Jeans) is waited a moment.

2.Could You Help Me Pick Up A Dressy Dress?

Can you help me carry a beautiful ceremonial robe or dress?

The American that tells above takes dress seriously not quite is to point to common when, but dress up to them in formal circumstance rise, I can say only: I Am Astonished! (too astonished! ) everybody has a so called Dress, it is the sort of formal formal attire, wear plus high-heeled shoes, thick makeup a, let every schoolgirl resemble the female star that is Hollywood it seems that.

What Dress points to commonly is the schoolgirl's formal dress, especially the sort of low bosom (the ceremonial robe or dress that Low Cut) carries even the body skirt (Evening Gown) , occasionally we still can emphasize this Dress with Dressy very beautiful very modern, for example: Her Dressy Dress Really Caught My Eyes. (the look that her beautiful formal attire drew me. ) and Dress Up is a phrase that schoolboy and schoolgirl can use, mean formal dress to dress up. The word of schoolgirl Dress Up wears Dress namely of course, the word nature of schoolboy Dress Up wears business suit to make tie namely. For example: Lily Is Dressed Up Today. She Looks So Nice. (Lily is being worn today very formal, she looks very beautiful. ) proposal everybody sees when any schoolgirl Dress Up appear, might as well without giving thought to when you praise her I Like Your Dress! Or it is You Look So Nice Today! No matter anybody is heard,I want to praise the metropolis is very glad.
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