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Write the play of 20 words part of good composition to answer sufficient, reason
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Agreement: The accord of subject and predicate on person, number, the accord of relation pronoun and antecedent.

Ambiguity: Do not use the term that causes different meanings possibly or sentence as far as possible.

Brief: " of article " Jian Weigui, want to grasp a point, crisp.

Coherence: Unity and coherence in writing is clear and coherent, around is coherent.

Development: Thematic play ought to sufficient, reasonable, correct.

Division: Vocabulary, sentence, paragraph should allocate use proper, differentiate want to be clear about, avoid to use duplicate words and expressions and seminal part.

Figures: Correct and reasonable use of all kinds and rhetorical form.

Inflated Diction: Do not use feigned language.

Key: Stress a theme with proper keyword, every paragraphs due theme sentence.

Logical: Content should accord with logic.

Message: Information wants fresh, really, authentic.

Omit: Reasonable delete spare needless part.

Proposition: View, viewpoint, discuss should be clear about cogency, add up to affection to enter put in order.

Punctuation: Correct and timely use punctuation mark.

Relevant: The article must want a title.

Sentence Pattern: Sentence pattern wants as far as possible diversification.

Strait: Without preamble, will go continuously continuously.

Style: Style just is cut, fit content requirement.

Tense: Verbal tense wants correct, consistent, change reasonable.

Theme: Selection of subject is proper, the subject is outstanding.

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