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Division of new Oriental name dispels doubts problem of heat of English writing
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Origin: 1. The meaning of good Chinese thinks in brain, translate it into English again, is such train of thought right?

Bark teacher: A lot of classmates are to think good Chinese translates Cheng Yingwen again. Say strictly, although be opposite for the person with study old English, want to accomplish when writing thinking completely with English is a extremely inaccessible kind of approximately mythological ideal state.

The key is the degree that Chinese ponders over -- it is very the sort of language, difficult that the person has realized he is to be being used possibly when writing rarely divisional oneself are using what language, he had arrived " day person syncretic " state; The person with very good English may be only Chinese is used when whole is conceived, to specific writing English is used when paragraph or sentence; The person with average English can use every meaning Chinese to had thought roughly, but the habitual sentence pattern that English still should use when writing and fixed collocation will convey; Foundation of English of begin to learn very not strong person is in had thought every sentences with Chinese not only, basic still every word is opposite strictly interpret, this is the generation reason of Chinese style English. Want a bit lesser Chinese style English, be about to accumulate habitual sentence pattern and fixed collocation more, be in " interpreter " when as far as possible multi-purpose the sentence pattern that these mode change, be opposite a few lesser literally interpret.

2. often wants not to have the English view that thinks an used word, how should solve?

Bark teacher: This is the problem that person of the any when the exam can encounter, although his vocabulary is very big. The vocabulary that calculates a person actually is again big, arrive greatly master all English word, still also can come up against a few cannot use the case that already had word expression. Because the world is changing, all the time total meeting has new thing to appear. Come up against the idea that won't convey to be able to use the following device:

The first, modular gelatinization uses justice word to convey namely. If won't say " portable computer " , can go up with it justice word " Machine " , "Gadget " , "Invention " , "Instrument " wait.

The 2nd, can explain a specification. If we are OK,write portable computer " The Kind Of Computer That You Can Carry Wherever You Go And That You Can Put On Your Lap " .

The 3rd, OK the thing with an a few not clear explanations skips do not write. Writing is an active creation process, can and the subjective activity that should develop oneself. Can write those oneself, escape those oneself won't write. This ability is the fun place of writing. Deny have what distinction with the individual choice title in front again.
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