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English writing actual combat shows a help you forging pure English sentence
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1.The Artist's Work Pushes Our Civilization To A Higher Level.

Improve: Artists' Work Upgrades Our Civilization.

2.For Example, you Work In A Big Factory.

Improve: Suppose You Work In A Big Factory.

3.You'll Find You Are Fit For Business And You Can Make It Your Main Job.

Improve: You'll Find That You Are Cut Out For Business And You Can Make It Your Career.

4.We Will Own Nothing At All If We Depend On Luck.

Improve: We Will Get Nowhere If We Rely On Luck.

5.He Will Get A Higher Salary To Improve His Living Level.

Improve: He Will Get A Higher Salary, thus Improving His Life.

6.Their Brain Is Still Very Young.

Improve: They Are Still Immature.

7.Dissatisfaction Makes People Produce Desire For Better Things.

Improve: Dissatisfaction Impels People For The Better.

8.They Can't Analyze Clearly What Is Right And What Is Wrong.

Improve: They Cannot Tell Right From Wrong.

9.It Will Help Children To Form A Good Habit Of Dealing With Time.

Improve: It Will Help Children Learn To Make Good Use Of Time.

10.Though It Is Not The Best Job, it Afford To His Life.

Improve: Though It Is Not The Best Job, a Job Is A Job. He Can Make Ends Meet With It.

11.Since People Are Always Not Satisfied With Their Present Situation, they Want Further Development.

Improve: Since People Are Never Satisfied With Their Status Quo, they Want Further Development.

12.The Only Thing They Need To Do Is To Find A Job Which Can Easily Get Big Money.

Improve: The Only Thing They Need To Do Is To Find A Job That Can Bring Them Big Money.

13.They Like An Active Life But Not A Peaceful Life.

Improve: They Like An Active Life Rather Than A Peaceful One.

14.Some Cigarettes May Even Cost A Larger Sum Of Money.

Improve: Some Cigarettes May Cost Even More.

15.Firstly, dissatisfaction Encourages The Discovery Of New Products.

Improve: Firstly, dissatisfaction Encourages The Invention Of New Products.

16.In Order To Suit The Needs Of Entering Into Work, students Must Grasp Some Technical Skills.
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