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It is very important that the vocabulary is used alive the stunt that casts off
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Believe everybody has such feeling, was to carry a lot of words on the back obviously, when can writing a composition, always use the vocabulary of a few high school or elementary school. (call rubbish the vocabulary again) , for better overcome such situation, I was summed up a few replace commonly usedly language, hope to help somewhat to everybody:

Rubbish vocabulary 1:hElp

Typical illustrative sentence: I"Ll Help You.

Replace language Accomodate E.g: I"ll Endeavour To Accomodate You.

Rubbish vocabulary 2: Helpful

Typical illustrative sentence: STh Is Helpful (to Sb)

Replace language Conducive E.g Sth Is Conducive To Sb

In view of one's deceased father grind the composition is modelled about morality and character and morals more, give out again two useful phrase:

Time-honored times gifts

The outstanding tradition of successive ancestors of Do Credit To Our Forbears

Rubbish vocabulary 3:sHow

Typical illustrative sentence: AS It Shows In The Picture

Replace language Betray

Rubbish vocabulary 4:tHink

Typical illustrative sentence: IThink--------

Replace language Deem

Rubbish vocabulary 5:uGly

Typical illustrative sentence: XXx Is Ugly

Replace language Hideous

Rubbish vocabulary 6:bY The Way

Typical illustrative sentence: BY The Way, . . . .

Replace language Incidentally, . . . .

Rubbish vocabulary 7: Because

Typical illustrative sentence: XXx Because Xxx

Replace language In That/in As Much As E.g: Xxx Because Xxx

Rubbish vocabulary 8: Consider

Typical illustrative sentence: We Must Consider Xxx

Replace language: Allow For E.g: We Must Allow For Xxx

Rubbish vocabulary 9: Much

Typical illustrative sentence: There Has Been A Much Increase In The World Population

Replace language: THere Has Been A Drastic Increase In The-----

Rubbish vocabulary 10: About

Typical illustrative sentence: IT Is About 250 Times Of That

Replace language It Is Approximately---
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