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In writing, often hear a few good about the sentence or bad criticisms, what level does so good sentence have after all? Below a few of good sentence basic principles introduce, the hope can help you draw up in writing beautiful sentence comes.

1. is complete

Complete the first point that is good sentence. A complete sentence conveys onefold complete meaning. It does not include not close together and relevant meaning, also do not convey itself half-baked meaning.

2. is coherent

Coherent it is to point to a sentence to be clear about between each part and be contacted reasonably. The term in the sentence and part should join appropriately, the relation between them it is very clear to answer. Abrupt sentence has the following kinds of trouble normally: Parallel structure is faulty, pronoun shows era is not clear, adjunct and by the relation of adjunct ambiguous, there is confused place on person, number, voice, tense or mood.

3. is concise

Sentence in not due any needless words. Wanted a meaning to be conveyed adequately only, had jumped over lesser with the word. Use a word to be able to make a meaning punch-drunk only too much, is not more clear. People often uses needless word, after had better writing an article so, microscope 9, look it is OK to have a few words cancel and the expression that does not affect a meaning.

4. emphasizes

Always important meaning should give when expression emphasize. The people when talking for this can use all sorts of methods, if increase sign of sound, rein in fast, use short sentence or increase begin power. When writing an article, also can use outfit, plaint, repeat, the term that the methodological correspondence such as rhetorical question should stress and sentential accentuation mood.

5. diversity

The diversification of sentence pattern, it is indispensable to good literary works. The sentence of likeness of identical, structure connects several accident together, if be used again same a noun or pronoun make subject, inevitable meeting appears very drab. For diversification for the purpose of, short sentence and long sentence, brief simple sentence, paratactic sentence and compound sentence, circumferential sentence with the pine

Medicinal powder sentence answer heterogeneous is used. Also but now and then ask with sentence, imperative sentence or exclamatory sentence. But not be for diversification only and alternate again and again sentence pattern. The idea that sentential structure and length should want to convey by place above all will decide. The diversification when conveying an idea appropriately only ability is desirable.
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