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The development rule of English-Chinese vocabulary and acceptation change
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Lexical Evolution And Semantic Change

The character of world each nation is pictographic at first probably, develop toward respective direction later, english became alphabetic writing; Chinese became ideograph. Former much attention its (go all out) sound, latter reflects his more (form) meaning. The sex of one word much meaning that can explain English so and the much suggestion sex that read aloud with entirely, also can explain the stability of the term meaning of Chinese and rigorous sex.

Generally speaking English acceptation is more agile, the meaning range of the word is wider, compare rich and colorful, the meaning of a word is bigger to context dependence, independent character is smaller. Chinese acceptation is narrower, relatively accurate, fixed, more rigorous, the retractility of acceptation and the dependence to context are consequently smaller, independent character is bigger also. Chinese term use does not need to say more. Should know this obvious fact only self-evident. Chinese with a vast territory, dialectal and numerous, but should write down a Chinese character only, each other can be communicated, this is Chinese term rigorous with stability paradigmatic. Under photograph comparing, english passes America not to pass hundreds of years, acceptation change already was what cannot ignore is conspicuous. The polysemy of English word has the reason of two respects at least: It is the cause that the history causes; The 2 reasons that are oneself language structure. The cause that the history causes is to show exists because of time elapse one word is much justice, be like Board, original meaning is board, from this extend the meaning goes out " table " , because board makes the table, with will have a meal attend a meeting, of discuss official business, from this extend the meaning goes out " committee " . So one word of Board had a few meanings now. As a result of the polysemy of the polysemy of English word and expression, chinese study, read, misunderstanding happens carelessly a bit when the interpreter. The diversity that English conveys made a of English rhetorical instrument, the synonym that uses all sorts of differring in style or manner of writing namely, close justice word, upper limit word or floor level word will replace, chinese student with Chinese means thinking, often thinking is different idea.

In a lot of languages, a word or word can have a lot of senses. In Chinese, a syllable may have a lot of meanings, it uses different glyph and pronunciation of different tones of Chinese characters to try to distinguish. It is difficult that abroad friend often complains the tones of Chinese characters of Chinese is multiple learn, must do exchange order ability to express feeling word meaning. But should learn Queen only ' S English knows, she also is not the song that sings only easily. Besides foreign antrum ocean moves difficult above mouth, english a word or it is phrase has different meaning in different context regular meeting, easy and promiscuous, person of people not of the same clan often makes a mistake. If the original idea of To Spend A Penny is " one penny " , but Urinating is however in proper context!
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