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Digital increase and decrease reachs diploid interpret way
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The first part: The interpret law of numeral

One, the interpret law of digital increase and decrease:
1. sentence type feature: Than of comparative dergee + of + of By + noun
The Wire Is By Three Inches Longer Than That One. This lead is 3 inches longer than that.
2. sentence type feature: Express the verbal + To N of meaning of increase and decrease. Interpret is: Increase. . . . . . Or decrease. . . . . .
Metal Cutting Machines Have Been Decreased To 50. Metallic cut machine has reduced 50.

2, the notation of percentage increase and decrease and interpret law
1. sentence type feature: Express the verbal + % of meaning of increase and decrease
The Output Value Has Increased 35% . Production value increased 35 %

2. sentence type feature: Express the % of + of verbal + By of meaning of increase and decrease
Turnover of commodity of Retail Salses Should Rise By 8% should increase 3 %
The Prime Cost Decreased By 60% . Main cost reduces 60 %

3. sentence type feature: State the verbal + To % that reduces an import represents amount of the rest after decreasing
By Using This New-process The Loss Of Metal Was Reduced To 20% . Use this kind of new technology, the loss amount of iron reduces 20 %

4. sentence type feature: Than of % + comparative dergee + represents the amount of net increase and decrease
Retail Sales Are Expected To Be Nine Percent Higher Than Last Year. This year turnover and compared last year, hopeful increases 9 % .

5. sentence type feature: Noun of % + comparative dergee + expresses clean subtrahend
The New-type Machine Wasted 10 Percent Engergy Supplied. Quantity of new-style and mechanical specific power consumption decreases 10 % completely.

6. sentence type feature: A % Increase expresses to increase number completely
There Is A 20% Increase Of Steel As Compared With Last Year. With compared last year, steel output adds 20 % completely this year.

7. sentence type feature: % (Of) noun (pronoun) express clean subtrahend, digital N illuminates interpret
The Production Cost Is About 60 Percent That Of Last Year. Production value is the 60 % last year only this year.

8. sentence type feature: % + Up On or Over express to increase number completely
The Grain Output Of Last Year In This Province Was 20% Percent Up On That Of 1978. Grain crop added 20 % completely than 1978 last year.

The representation that multiple of the 2nd part increases reachs interpret way

Chinese expresses " increased severalfold " when, english multiple states multiple needs to decrease one, interpret is become " increased N-1 times " increase number in order to express completely. If interpret is become " increase N times " or " for original N times " , illuminate interpret not by accident.
1. sentence type characteristic: The verbal + N Times that expresses to increase an import " state twice land increases, interpret is become " increase N times " or " increase N-1 times
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