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Translate industrialization and financial translation service
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First China International translates industrial forum paper
Author: China publishs a company to evaginate interpret ministry of the 2nd interpreter translates Zhao Yaling

[content abstract]

Translating industrialization is the main demand that translates an industry currently and development direction, finance translates one of result that regard an interpreter as internationalization, have its specialty. The article is aimed at a few problems that translate industry existence at present, put forward the necessity of industrialization above all, emphasize those who analysed finance to translate a service next a certain number of features, and industrialization is mixed in the importance in financial translation service apply conception.

[key word]

Interpreter of industrialization, internationalization, finance, professional term


Interpreter to one country national economy and the development that open to the outside world are having crucial effect. Current, as the arrival of global economic integration, network, and of communication of home market of the international after China joins WTO and shirt-sleeve pace accelerate, the interpreter market front of our country is facing an unprecedented good luck and challenge. If where,a such internationalization that are full of intense competition hold out of good luck, dance on large stage of oneself wonderful, china translates an industry to allow to weigh and the path is far.

Of the problem put forward

In November 2002, interpreter of association of Chinese interpreter worker serves approval of department of civil administration of committee classics state to hold water, responsible and harmonious, standard translates service industry, stimulative whole nation translates the associated cooperation that serves an industry, optimize manpower resource, advance standardization is managed and manage, through establishing a series of standards, standard, with period normative on the level of technical code interpreter serves behavior.

In November 2003, international quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau passed what draft by this committee organization " translation service is normative " national level, made clear a client to should serve the necessary support that just provides to the interpreter, just translating deadline of quality, interpreter, interpreter to the interpreter the respect such as confidential, additional service made detailed and specific provision.

Before before long, ministry of national occurrences in human life was issued early or late " translate professional competence (level) exam of short duration sets all right " and " 2 class, 3 class translate professional competence (level) the exam implements measure " , the exam already also entered specific executive phase. Interpreter qualification exam will conduce to stimulative interpreter from product of personnel of course of study, interpreter, down to translates the superior bad discard of the enterprise, serve market economy.
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