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Try Tan Hanying application to translate skill
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Do I translate a company in Hainan open Hainan from 199? Since the year's harvest stands already more than 10 years, the forefront that oneself are being translated and teachs worked a few years. Without what experience, but have a bit experience, communication comes out to offer everybody delibrate.

Translation firm faces a society to begin interpreter professional work, unlike sit in the institute to do literature to consider, business good of the client is urgent, the demand is high, the written translation service that we provide daily involves all sorts of different major, different course, very multifarious, ask translator has substantial each course knowledge not only, and the Chinese with ask translator is had better and level of foreign language language.

With respect to written translation character, the material in interpret looks some easier commonly outside, in the data outside interpret is a few harder. Want to become Chinese interpret pure English, to the Chinese, not allow really easy; The Chinese that wants to had become foreign language interpret is not easy also, if be this year on the international fund seminar that Swiss bank holds Bo Ao, when making simultaneous interpretation, meet a such sentences: "Discretionary Portfolio Management " (only door trust asset management) because be opposite of the industry do not understand, when undertaking an interpreter, very difficult interpret is accurate. Development of science and technology is very rapid now, knowledge does not follow to go up, translation quality is ensured hard. Hainan translation firm is provincial translation firm, those who deliver is harder data, the client asks to translation quality tall; Break up in some flower the material of 1000 words of 2-3, varus of requirement 1-2 day is good, true feeling in the end aches, be like " Bach of elder brother heart guesses " paper, " China is geomantic " , " The Book of Changes " , the material that IT concerns----. Especially the speech of forum of a few paper, Asia, speech on international colloquium, lead leading speaking material, still have presswork an album of paintings of draft of material, book, company introduction, and manual of export facilities material, need to have the translation of better quality.

How to do well the applied interpreter on social market, what study in interpreter bound at present is not much, the National People's Congress that does research puts energy on the research of literary work, those who do is " highbrow art and literature " , and construct the service at economy place of the first class needs to apply an interpreter to regard as " popular literature or art " , very few somebody gives take seriously duely. We were ordered " China is translated " , the authority that this is current China translates a magazine. But what our interpreter personnel looks is very few. Once, do I ask why? The answer is the article that wants about us very few. Of course, in light of the angle that studies from literature, former it is very necessary, but from economy construction talks, latter is indispensable.
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