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Canadian visa must provide the booklet to stay original and translation
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December 3rd, the Canadian Visa Application Center requires all students to sign the visa application must be submitted booklet delivery original and translation. In this regard, industry experts think that this is the authenticity of the Canadian Embassy to further strengthen the document as another signal. Experts predict further, in terms of changes in visa policy trend or wave-number of foreign students from the control point of view of a student visa in Canada next year will show the trend of tightening. Interpretation Application materials to study the authenticity of more stringent requirements Intermediary in the major study enthusiastically recommend the SPP plan, advocate the promise of studying in Canada when the Canadian Education Centre from the China Office news came from the December 3, the Canada Visa Application Center requires all student visa applications for delivery booklet must be submitted signed original and translation. This seemingly small request led to study the industry's attention. "This is the Canadian Embassy to further enhance the authenticity of documents and a signal." Office of the Canadian Education Centre Guangzhou Chen Jiancheng when interviewed in the case said. According to reports, the Canadian Embassy 7-8 months of this year increased the proportion of the investigation file, including the authenticity of the applicant's parents income, savings history, authenticity, authenticity admission made some telephone survey, or additional materials and other measures. Business Director of the Canadian Education Centre, High Fen Lee in an interview, also said that this provision does not only mean the Canadian Embassy to apply for the authenticity of the materials students will be more stringent to control, and encourage students and their families in choosing schools and the visa process the more pragmatic, rational and prudent. Of File does not match the misunderstanding with the truth For the submission of original and translated the booklet details changes, many students and experts disagree. New study in Canada through senior international experts Zhu Su-hua believes that the move may be to prevent some students review material to strengthen efforts to fraud. She told reporters that some areas of domestic materials, visa fraud often do so to Visa Canada Visa Center material fraud "disaster area" "blacklisted" and increase review efforts. Before this, the application materials submitted did not fully reflect the applicant's domicile and other information, therefore, submit the visa center booklet can help the situation a more detailed understanding of the applicant. "This new change on the majority of students did not have much effect as long as required to prepare the application materials, are generally no problem. For the part from being" blacklisted "region applicants may be a little impact because Visa Center review will focus on the authenticity of materials, so the material must be good, be sure to provide authentic materials to ensure the smooth passage of a visa. " However, some experts believe that the New Deal will inevitably apply to the part of Chinese students studying in Canada have some trouble. According to reports, King Middle School students graduate, undergraduate applications to Canada, have already received admission notice. After the implementation of the new policy, pay the booklet, he found himself a part of the actual data and information submitted is different. Experts advise students to pay attention to this: do a good job in the document preparation and submission of information on the actual situation of the match, at least have a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, audit requirements in Canada on a visa that the visa officer misunderstanding. Forecast Tightening of visa policy or will once again Canadian student visa for the future trend, Zhu Su-sided flower that can not be interpreted as the New Deal to tighten visa policy signals. Because the last two years from the Adjustment of Canada's visa policy direction of view, the Canadian visa policy has been relaxed. For example, in the end of 2008, the Canadian Embassy issued visa to study in the proof of funds (bank deposits) historical demand deposits from the previous 18 months to 12 months, began deregulation of the financial history required, and accept a reasonable, diversified sources explained. Since July of this year, Canada launched SPP plan, the conditions of capital shortage, but achieving students will be very beneficial. However, Chen Jiancheng exactly the opposite point of view, he said, according to his visa policy has been the study of Canada estimated in 2011, there will be more policy tightening trend. According to the analysis, with the relaxation of visa policy in Canada, studying in Canada in 2006, 10,000 students speak out to 13,000 people in 2008, from 60% in 2006, the visa pass rate, by 2008 about 80% pass rate, 2009 students studying in Canada in China is to reach 1.6 million, to August 2010, leaving the number of Chinese students has already added more than 2009 years. At the same time subject to change Australia's immigration policy external influences, it is estimated 2011 students studying in Canada continued to increase. The face of growing international students, Canada's policy has been adjusted, the current policy is actually expected to tighten again. In addition, experience from the past, Canada's visa policy is to loose a wave of a tight adjustment. In July, see the SPP scheme is open gate, so that less than 5.5 points or IELTS is not enough deposits of Chinese students studying in Canada can be successful, but less than six months in the implementation of the policy, visa policy to the facts concerning students put forward higher requirements. Chen Jiancheng further made a more detailed prediction: Canada's policy will have more clarity on other aspects of control, such as visas, the English proficiency of students, funding the authenticity of the authenticity of documents, as well as students studying in programs , the expected number of corresponding measures will be introduced to control the number of students. First in English: English language requirements of the SPP seemingly no plan, but in fact there is a requirement. Although when the application reach 5.5 points in English, a more adequate economic circumstances, can successfully obtain a visa, but in fact, when the audit data, the visa officer is a very valued the learning ability of students studying in Canada's own background and The actual match specific plans. In addition, there is news that some of Canada's institutions, will have a 10% tuition increase Canadian currency against the dollar's strength. Cost of studying in Canada will be a slight increase in actual expenditures. According to the present study in Canada increasingly younger age, high school students apply for the gradual increase in the face of these people, would be difficult to predict the future funding requirements of this population increase, or the authenticity of a higher capital requirements natural audit officials and the authenticity of the applicant to the increasing amount of money "has requested."
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