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Chinese culture in Southeast Asia in Yunnan Xishuangbanna translators with re
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"Let us remember the earnest expectation of our teachers, with three years of hard work in the campus harvest, went to the Octagon ... ..." student from Laos in the graduation ceremony next week, speaking on behalf of students still not fluent in Chinese, but still won the array array applause. This is a special graduation ceremony, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture Mengla County Vocational School Chinese Class 7 32 students recently graduated student from Laos, they are all in here together with Chinese students spent 3 years of study time. Mengla County Vocational School Principal knife introduction of the first Chinese language course began in 2001, the Lao side should be asked to help train the Chinese translation of their established talent, academic 3 years, has been offered eight, co-culture student from Laos 246. "To see them graduate, I am very pleased." Ham said after the teacher in the graduation ceremony, "the beginning of their lack of language skills, has also encountered many problems in life, our teacher will talk with them, help them learn to adapt to China life, and now they've fallen in love here. "salt teachers responsible for teaching Chinese students Chinese language classes in translation, Chinese language and literature courses, this is the first 5 months she taught Chinese language classes. Xishuangbanna, Laos, Myanmar border, a number of national cross-border neighbors, residents of close contacts from generation to generation. Xishuangbanna District, a unique geographical advantages as exchanges between China and Southeast Asia the window. January 2010 to April, the state foreign economic and trade volume 325 million, up 89.5% over the same period, in which the Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, the three countries of import and export volume reached 297 million. At the same time, the state in January to April 67 500 people overseas visitors, up 49.1% over the same period; tourism foreign exchange revenues $ 28,841,500, up 41.2% over the same period. China and Southeast Asian countries, economic and cultural exchanges between the continuous development has greatly promoted the Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries the demand for Chinese translators. It is understood that the state education system from Xishuangbanna in September 2001 until August 2009, trained a total of 451 student from Laos, Thai 353 students, 183 teachers of Chinese nationals in Myanmar, Laos, 33 teachers of Chinese nationality, Thailand sent 291 students. Currently, a number of schools in Xishuangbanna has a number of universities in Thailand and five provinces in northern Laos agreed to carry out cultural and educational cooperation. 32 Mengla County Vocational High School student from the graduation ceremony of Laos, Wen teach students from northern Laos (sound), said: "I'm here for 3 years learning Chinese, now graduated, I will have to engage in translation work. "According to reports, most of the graduates will return to government departments or enterprises engaged in translation work, as well as some students continue their studies.
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