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Mr. Chun Yee give money as a professional translator of Cultural Significance
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After the 1980s, when the Feng Zhi out "Germany, a winter fairy tale," shu come up with "Guan", Ji took "Ramayana," when the money is to get the spring-chi the "Atta Troll," " Goethe Lyric Poetry, "" Goethe narrative poetry, "and a series of German verse translation work. Their number and quality high, the broad impact on the community, who seldom comparable. February 4 this year, suddenly received a phone message: "German literary translator died QIAN Chun-chi." Not the beginning of the letter, because, in this long ago, I received an invitation to Shanghai Translation Association, hoping to go to January 4, at the "Symposium on Literary Translation QIAN Chun-chi." I am by nature laziness, for the academic session is generally not strong "arm's length." However, this would made me a little tempted, this is because the former Mr. Qian Generation really feel respect for the discipline in their study of the history involved, although not specifically for the text, but is aware of the translators represented by Mr. Cultural Significance of groups can not be ignored. But I have other jobs because of that time, so he had recommended to invite the prestigious Mr. Ye Tingfang. Unexpectedly, actually being in this bustling border stingy side with Mr. Qian. Only when the students in their stories, will feel the earthly Valuable source, even Yaoxian side. Then, I attended TAC sent to Shanghai, "Gaoshanyangzhi - QIAN Chun-chi Literary Translation Conference Proceedings", turn time under very mixed feelings. Mr. Qian that figure, than his clan, such as Mu, Qian Qian as well as other predecessors, of course, still not a big man. But as a translator, especially professional translator, Mr. Qian since the meaning of others can not be replaced. Characters such as Fu Lei, after phoenix Mao Lin Jiao; even writers, such as Ba Jin dare to rely on their own pen and "living", and it is very few. The money can be used as ordinary commoner spring Yee, actually to "dare"! In 1961, Qian Qi resign and go into the spring, non- In the future to the sea, but the German literature, "translated the sea." He graduated from Shanghai from the South East now has a flash of Medicine 15 set, for a person's career, it is the fame of this when, secure, when the inauguration, however, QIAN Chun-chi even be diverted, not only completely abandoned the original occupation, and even chose a "dead end", doing freelance translator. In fact, the money is not only Chun-chi career in medicine in many hospitals, and published in Guoji Bu Medical writings, be regarded as a very good doctor, but the background, objective factors such as environment, coupled with its own nature, so he took another path. The problem is, just five years after the "Cultural Revolution" broke out, the money spring Yee tried to help professional translators of the "labor income" the basic idea to make a living dashed. Mr. Qian is difficult to imagine what is survived that long, "days of ignorance", but at least one thing is certain, he is "get over it "It, and most people did not live up to that Love wasted so wasted years. Is the most proven performance in the 1980s after the show when Feng Zhi," Germany, a winter fairy tale, "shu out" Guan ", Ji took" Ramayana, "when the money is out of spring chi" Atta Troll, "" Goethe Lyric Poetry, "" Goethe narrative poetry, "and a series of German Poetry Translation works. Their number and quality of High, the broad impact on the community, who seldom comparable. For modern China, "Western Learning" is essential; in "Western Learning" process, the translation function and a great significance. Contrast today "that pays top academics" in terms of quality translation, professional translation of family Appears extremely necessary, and thus, the significance of Mr. Qian Chunqi more can be fully demonstrated. For Mr. Qian, just a slight touch of German literature who will not be a stranger. Because he was Chinese world, with the Goethe , Schiller, Heine so together with some of the great poet. Even the future of professional teachers and students in German, it is hard not to reference and use of his translations.
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