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Word cruel solves the be puzzled of translated term of travel tourist attraction
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[IT168 information] 11 holiday come, will lift again new round of travel is hot, differ somewhat with in former years, hind Olympic Games times, foreign friend showed huge interest to Chinese travel tourist attraction. Each big travel company is glad also can worry somewhat, can the place name interpreter of travel tourist attraction also appear " name of dish of Chinese style English " awkward? Long White Mountain (long Bai Shan) such jest still does not go out had better.

It is reported, for the standard " Chinese menu " interpreter, relevant section ever spent heavy gold to invite an expert, actually need not so troublesome, online interpreter tool can solve such problem completely, resemble " N word cruel " (Http:// ) such online dictionary can help travel company finish the place name of travel tourist attraction to translate. Guilin landscape: The Scenery Around Guilin, bear heart be away for the summer holidays mountain villa: Pool of Chengde Imperial Summer Resort, life: Hole of Sun Moon Lake, celestial being: Fairy Cave, island bosomy billow: Gulangyu Islet... the interpreter of these place name can go up in N word cruel find.

The victory of the Olympic Games is held, beijing nature becomes the popular travel city of each country friend, everybody thinks of bird's nest (The Olympic Nest Building) , water is cubic (The Olympic Stadium Water Cube) when recalling an Olympic Games wonderful momently. Allegedly, how should translate bird's nest and water cubic metre to still have controversy really after all, just will " bird's nest " and " water is cubic " metaphrase comes over to appear to return not quite accurate, more professional translation was found in N word cruel finally, the Olympic, The Olympic Stadium is added to let a person in front be clear at a glance. Climbing the Great Wall is the first selection of foreign friend all the time, because they know: "Do not be not brave man to the Great Wall " ! Friend of a foreign country can speak so pure Chinese to also make us a little amazed indeed, actually they learn Chinese to also have unexpected tricky move, have the aid of translates a dictionary. The N word cruel that above paragraphs mentions is the necessary tool that they learn Chinese, the handwritten input function of this online dictionary gets the reception of foreign friend greatly.

"Heaven Pool (day pool) , The Sunny Western Hills After Snow (snow of west hill fine) , Big Wild Goose Pagoda (wild goose tower) " be being returned like such interpreter is really very lifelike, but be not one's previous experience of major study English we, of the interpreter it is difficult to have level or some so. Actually if we are in at ordinary times in working study, those who notice knowledge accumulate can avoid such mistake, the network natural resources with substantial have the aid of, for instance N word cruel, it designed Http:// of park of word of a cruel technically, bound travel resort comes out in already " catch the whole lot in an action " , and it is a few more handpick scenic spot beautiful graph, long the urban elite that occupies one town people see beautiful graph can'ts help " ready to do sth " . If you want to go,France is visited, the Eiffel Tower (iron tower of dust humble Er) it is the point that reachs surely, the Roman Coliseum (ancient Rome arena) be a man commonly love most, "White-collar beauty " people be opposite certainly Sydney Opera House (Sydney opern) heart gallop be charmed.
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