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1.8 new edition roll out Gu Ge PowerWord integrated Gu Ge translates engine
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Dispatch of Tecent science and technology on September 28 message, golden hill released brand-new Gu Ge PowerWord now 1.8 version, among them conformity translates engine implementation to delimit the word is translated into Gu Ge, but did not undertake apparent exploration on profit pattern.

This is from Gu Ge PowerWord was released May 8 since, join brand-new it is important that the function is mixed improvement version, gu Ge PowerWord 1.8 those who roll out is brand-new the function is " delimit the word is translated " , can be in all this function can come true in the software that the mouse undertakes choosing a written language, webpage, of this function rolled out the compatible problem that means a translation software to get be settlemented finally.

Gu Ge PowerWord of 1.8 delimit the word translates a function to offer interpreter engine by Gu Ge China, online realized huge vocabulary entry, support the each other interpret of 7 kinds of languages, and developing more language version, the interpreter engine that word word interpreter offers through Gu Ge realized sentential interpreter and full text interpreter, webpage to translate two big main functions, this is not being had before in the version of PowerWord, interpreter result becomes a basis by the powerful interpreter technology of the buy inside Gu Ge and rich corpus, interpreter result intelligence is accordingly accurate.

At present Gu Ge PowerWord of 1.8 implementation delimit the word translates a function, tell popularly can come true be opposite the interpreter of a paragraph of an an a word, word, word, word, applied means opens Gu Ge PowerWord to be in 1.8 hind, the mouse undertakes the mouse is chosen on the content in optional choose character, after choosing will automatic by Gu Ge PowerWord accord translates a result. Additional, this version adds IE, resource management newly still implement side column translates a function, this function can be satisfied in the user to did not start the demand that quick, convenient interpreter has when Gu Ge PowerWord; Additional Gu Ge PowerWord 1.8 to upgrading the function also undertook strengthen and be perfectinged.

To PowerWord of this Gu Ge of 1.8 roll out, li Mojiang of PowerWord general manager expresses " the occurrence that delimits the word takes a word is not be simple new function only to add, bring about as a result of user demand place however, what when the differentiate of complete intelligence is using mouse screen to take a word forever, current translation software cannot need the interpreter's content, and delimit word interpreter will make this one problem gets settlement, ensured the identifying of user intent is led achieved match completely, the mouse that combines Gu Ge PowerWord takes word function, will OK pair of more perfect user interpreter demand have a service. The engine technology that offers to Gu Ge supports with content, we are very satisfactory. "
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