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When Two Or More Entities Interact, common Conventions Are Important. Car Drivers Must Abide By Traffic Rules To Prevent Accidents. People Need Common Conventions On Languages And Gestures To Communicate. Likewise, software Needs Standards And Protocols To Interoperate Seamlessly. In Terms Of Software Engineering, contracts Between Parts Of Programs Need To Be Established Before Implementation. The Contracts Are Most Important For Systems Developed By A Large Group Of Individual Developers From Different Backgrounds, and Are Extremely Essential For Cross-platform Interoperability.

Two or when more organizations undertake communicating, important is to use same way. The driver should abide by traffic regulation to just can prevent an accident. People needs common language and gesticulation habit ability to communicate. Similar, software need standard and agreement will come true without seamed cooperation. In software project, the predefine before the different share of the program needs to coming true coordinates a method. The agreement in the system that the big group that forms by a lot of individual developer that have different background develops especially important, and it is very necessary to crossing the synergic ability of platform.

Standards Provide Such Contracts For All Computing Systems In The World. Software Developers Need To Conform To Such Conventions To Prevent Miscommunication. Therefore, standardization Should Be The Very First Step For Any Kind Of Software Development, including Localization.

The standard offerred such agreement for all computational systems on the world. Software developer needs the obstacle that abides by these standards to be communicated in order to avoid. Accordingly, the software of any kinds that spend inside to including this locality is developed, standardization should be the first pace.

To Start Localization, it Is A Good Idea To Study Related Standards And Use Them Throughout The Project. Nowadays, many International Standards And Specifications Have Been Developed To Cover The Languages Of The World. If These Do Not Fit The Project's Needs, one May Consider Participating In Standardization Activities. Important Sources Are:

Want to begin this locality to change, a tweak is the standard related research, use these levels first and last in the project. Now, people developed a lot of international standards and technical index to build the language of world each district with Fu. If these standards do not accord with the need of the project, can consider to participate in standardization activity. Main standard source includes:

ISO/IEC JTC1 (International Organization For Standardization And International Electrotechnical Commission Joint Technical Committee 1) : A Joint Technical Committee For International Standards For Information Technology. There Are Many Subcommittees (SC) For Different Categories, under Which Working Groups (WG) Are Formed To Work On Subcategories Of Standards. For Example, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 Is The Working Group For Universal Coded Character Set (UCS) . The Standardization Process, however, proceeds In A Closed Manner. If The National Standard Body Is An ISO/IEC Member, it Can Propose The Requirements For The Project. Otherwise, one May Need To Approach Individual Committees. They May Ask For Participation As A Specialist. Information For JTC1/SC2 (coded Character Sets) Is Published At Information For JTC1/SC22 (programming Languages, their Environments And System Software Interfaces) Is At
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