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Analyse chemical and relevant vocabulary
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Vitreous funnel Glass Funnel Long Stem
Test tube Test Tube Test Tube Brush Test Tube Holder Test Tube Rack
Evaporate Min Evaporating Dish Small
Beaker Beaker
Cone-shaped bottle Erlenmeyer
Graduate Grad Cylinder
Wash bottle Plastic Wash Bottle
Spoon Min Casserole, smallStoppered Flask
Divide fluid funnel Separalory FunnelWater Bath/oil BathStrring BarMagnetic Stirrer
Condenser Condenser
Ballast Bottle
Round-buttom Flask of round neck flask
Reagent bottle Reagent Bottles
Platform balance of tray balance Platform Balance
Scale of finger of 0.1g tray Pan expresses Pointer And ScaleCrossbeams And Sliding Weights swims code
Analyse balance Two-pan/single-pan Analytical Balance
Burette Burette Glass Bead(basic) Nozzle
Move Elongated Glass Bulb of fat abdomen of fluid canal Pipette
Wash ear ball Rubber Suction Bulb
Bo marvellous Glass Rod
Vitreous piston Stopcock
Allow measuring flask Pyknowmeter Flasks
Specific gravity bottle (One-mark)volumetric Flasks

One-mark Pipette of fat abdomen straw
Scale straw Graduated Pipettes
Experimental instrument detailed list

1, in the cabinet 4, in the drawer:
Cone-shaped bottle (4 medicine of × of Conical Flask) 250ml spoon (Medicine Spoon) × 1
(3 burette of × of Erlenmeyer Flask) 100 Ml (Drip Tube;dropper) × 2
Beaker (1 Bo of × of Beaker) 500 Ml is marvellous (Glass Stic) × 2
3 wood tube places 250 Ml × (× of Test Tube Clamp;test Tube Holder) 1
100 Ml × straw of 3 fat abdomen (× of Straws) 25 Ml 1
× of 2 10 Ml of 50 Ml × 1
Capacity bottle (× of Volumetric Flask) 100 Ml 2 pestle (Morta) × 1
50 Ml × the 4 balls that wash ear (Ear Wadhing Bulb)
Iodic measuring flask (× of Iodin Numoe Flask;iodineflask) 500 Ml 3
Reagent bottle (Reagent Bottle) (colorless) × 2
(brown) × 2 match lotion:
Graduate (Cylinder) 65mlH2SO4 of → of water of 1 K2Cr2O72g 5ml of 100 Ml ×
(1 edge of Graduated Cylinder)10ml × border agitate (Stir) .

2, the instrument on mesa: The catharsis of general instrument (Wash)
Iron bracket (Siderocradle) butterfly is worn
White porcelain board (White Porcelain Board) (one) instrument of check the amount (To Count;to Make An Inventory)
Acerbity type burette (× of Acid Burette) 25 Ml 1 match lotion (Lotion)
Alkaline type burette (× of Alkali Burette)25 Ml the catharsis of 1 general instrument

3, in public ark: (2) burette (Buret;burette)
Straight model condenser (1 capacity of Rectocondensor) × bottle (Volumetric Flask)
Funnel is worn (× of Funnel Stand) 2 move fluid is in charge of (Pipe)
Water bath boiler (× of Water Bath Kettle) 1
Thermometer (Thermometer;hygrometer;hydroscope) × 1
Electric stove (4 people of Electric Furnace;electric Hot Plate;electric Stove)

" the analysis is chemical " go up book
Introduction of the first chapter
The analysis is chemical: Analytical Chemistry
Qualitative analysis: Qualitative Analysis
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