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English of paediatrics and relevant vocabulary is translated
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Pedology Pediatrics
Child Care of children health care
Disease Prevention of sickness prophylaxis and treatment
Nutrient foundation Basal Nutrition
Infantile feed Infants ' Feeding
Hidebound Malnutrition
Children is fat Obesity In Childhood
Anatomize Anatomy:
Physiology biochemistry Physiology And Biochemistry:
Nutrient metabolization Nutrition And Metabolism:
Immune Immunity:
Pathology Pathology:
The phyletic Variety Of Disease of the disease:
Clinical expression Clinical Situation:
Diagnostic Diagnosis
Cure: Treatment
Prognostic: Prognosis
Precaution: Prevention
Fetal period: Fetal Stage
Embryo egg period Ovigerm Stage
Embryo period Embryo Stage
New student period: Neonatal Period
Umbilical Omphalus
Mature Term Infant
Premature Premature
Expire newborn baby Post Term Infant
Surround produce period Perinatal Stage
Infantile period: Infancy
Infancy: Toddler Period
Learn age: School Age
Adolescence: Adolescence
Genetic Inheritance:
Sexual Sex:
Endocrine Endocrine:
Mother of pregnant mother condition ' S Condition:
Nutrient Nutrition: .
Surroundings Living Environment:
Acute affects Acute Infection
Chronic illness Chronic Disease
Enteron disease Disease Of Digestive Tract
Endocrine disease Endocrine Disease
Congenital disease Congenital Disease
Constitution grows: Physique Growth

Absorb insufficient Insufficiency Of Intake
Excretion Of Meconium of fetal dung eduction
Moisture loses Loss Of Moist
Grow height Summit Of Growth
Lie a Clinostatasm
Stand an Erect Position
Vertex of the top of head
Pubic bones combines upper edge Superior Margin Of Pubic Symphysis
Pubic bones combines upper edge Superior Margin Of Pubic Symphysis
Thenar Sole
Umbilical Nave
The head surrounds: Head Circumference
Bust: Chest Circumference
Skull: Cranium
Skull seams Cranial Sutures:
Before Xin Anterior Fontanel:
Hind Xin Posterior:
Rachis: Rachis -- physiology bent is formed
Long bone: Long Bone
Dry epiphysis carries Metaphysis
Cartilage ossification Cartilaginous Ossification
Periosteum issues ossification Subperiosteum Ossification
Deciduous teeth Deciduous Teeth
Constant tooth Permanent Teeth
(Deciduous teeth) bud gives Eruption
Neurological Nervous System
Spinal cord Spinal Cord:
Athletic development: Motor Development
Pronunciation organ Organs Of Voicing
Aural Sense Of Hearing
Cerebral Language Center of brain speech center
The language communicates Communication
Nurse: Nursing
Plan immunity: Planned Immunity
Mental hygiene: Mental Health
Living Habit of habits and customs:
The society gets used to ability Social Adaptation:
Parent-child Relationship kissing affection
Health examines system: Physical Examination
Along with visit Follow-up
Outdoors activity Open Field Activity:
The body strokes touch Stroking Massage:
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