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The Chinese and English interpreter of all sorts of titles
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Name of code title English
Professor Professor
Associate professor Associate Professor
Instructor Lecturer
Assistant Teaching Assistant
Senior lecturer Senior Lecturer
Assistant instructor Assistant Lecturer
Teacher Teacher
Researcher Professor
Deputy researcher Associate Professor
Assistant researcher Assistant Professor
Study Assistant Engineer of the member that jackaroo
Senior Engineer of high experiment division
Experimental division Engineer
Assistant Engineer of assistant test division
Laboratory assistant Technician
Senior engineer Senior Engineer
Engineer Engineer
Assistant engineer Assistant Engineer
Technician Technician
Advanced agronomist Senior Agronomist
Agronomist Agronomist
Assistant agronomist Assistant Agronomist
Agrotechnical an Agrotechnician
Senior Veterinarian of advanced vet division
Vet division Veterinarian
Assistant Veterinarian of assistant vet division
Vet technician Technician
Senior Engineer of advanced poultry division
Cultivate priest Engineer
Assistant Engineer of assistant poultry division
Pasturage technician Technician
Senior Economist of advanced economy division
Economic division Economist
Assistant Economist of assistant economy division
Economy member Technician
Advanced accountant Senior Certified Public Accountant
Accountant Certified Public Accountant
Aid manage accountant Asssistant Certified Public Accountant
Accountant Accountant
Senior Statistician of high count division
Statistical division Statistician
Assistant Statistician of assistant statistic division
Statistician Statistical Worker
Read and edit Professor
Deputy read and edit Associate Professor
Editor Editor
Assistant edits Assistant Editor
The technology edits Technical Editor
Assistant technology edits Assistant Technical Editor
The technology designs a Technician
Professor of the member that study a house
Associate Professor of the deputy member that study a house
House member Librarian
Assistant house member Assistant Librarian
Administrator Library Staff
Chairman doctor Professor
Associate Professor of vice director doctor
Advocate treat doctor Attending Doctor
Doctor Doctor
Medical Assistant of practitioner with secondary medical school education
Director apothecary Chief Pharmacist
Associate Chief Pharmacist of vice director apothecary
Be in charge of apothecary Pharmacist
Apothecary Pharmacist
Medical person Assistant Pharmacist
The director protects division Chief Nurse
The vice director protects division Associate Chief Nurse
The director protects division Nurse
Protect division Nurse
Nurse Nurse
Director technician Chief Technician
Associate Chief Technician of vice director technician
Be in charge of technician Technician
Technician Technician
Ability person Assistant Technician
Postdoctoral Post Doctor
Doctoral student Doctor Student
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