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Interpreter profession will pursue system of national profession seniority
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Henceforth, our country will pursue system of national profession seniority in translating a profession. Interpreter and assistant translate professional job to pass evaluation no longer, however by 2, 3 class oral interpretation and written translation are replaced.

New measure sets, translate professional competence (level) the exam sets 4 stage in all, cent oral interpretation and written translation two parts. The superlative degree is senior interpreter, initial step is 3 class. Execute respectively except senior interpreter and one class interpreter assessment is evaluated and examine union outside two kinds of means, two class all execute other countrywide all is taken an examination of.

Besides what declare senior interpreter personnel must have one class oral interpretation or written translation translates a qualification (level) outside certificate, every abides by constitution and law, scrupulously abide by professional morality, have the person of level of certain foreign language, all can attend the exam of corresponding language, level. The foreign nationality personnel in obtain employment of our country churchyard and harbor, bay, the professional that mesa area accords with this regulation to ask, also can enter oneself for an examination and apply for to register. " People's Republic of China translates professional competence (level) certificate " the whole nation is effective. Human affairs ministry sets, unit of choose and employ persons can obtain interpreter of 2 class oral interpretation, written translation or 3 class oral interpretation, written translation to translate a qualification according to needing appoint to a position (level) certificate, accord with " byelaw of try out of interpreter major post " personnel.

Henceforth, the country still will implement the regular system that register to translating certificate, register 3 every years. The interpreter that hold card must be before period of efficacy is full, hold continue to teach or vocational training proves to appoint an orgnaization to register.

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