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Center of exam of certificate of qualification of Xiamen university mouth, writt
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Center of exam of certificate of qualification of Xiamen university mouth, written translation held the grand ceremony that uncover a shop sign on April 5, 2002. Attend those who uncover card ceremony to external affairs of municipal government of Xiamen university, Xiamen does, human affairs bureau and foreign language institute concern a leader each, graduate of Master of teachers and students of part of courtyard of the literature outside still having and all previous mouth, written translation is represented.

Adviser of director of research center of Xiamen vice-chancellor, WTO, doctoral student Professor Deng Liping represents the school to lead read out above all Xiamen university about holding water " center of exam of certificate of qualification of mouth, written translation " file, published crisp address. Deng vice-president emphasized this " center " the value that establish hopes " center " the society can is to make contribution more after our country joins WTO.

Adviser of prexy of Xiamen university foreign language, doctoral student Professor Lian Shuneng points out, since 1991, department of my courtyard English fostered Masters of a batch of outstanding major of advanced oral interpretation to be born, part by company of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China Daily, and the employ such as the government sector of Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangdong, college, be servantchoosed a person for a job of the unit reputably. A batch of this one achievement and foreign language institute seasoned, dare to innovate, enjoying the expert that teachs high prestige, professor's old effort in countrywide interpret bound is not divided.

External affairs of Xiamen municipal government did Chen Aijing's secretary to also publish ebullient address, she thanked Xiamen university to develop a lot of advanced interpreter person with abilities for Xiamen city, believe " center " establish the interpreter qualified personnel with more qualified more of the interpreter market that is sure to be normative Xiamen and even whole nation, education to make new contribution.

Evaluation of talent of business management of enterprise of city of deputy director general of bureau of Xiamen town occurrences in human life, Xiamen recommends a center Director Xu Xiaobin also is speaking middle finger goes out, of center of Xiamen university mouth, written translation hold water to will disentomb and develop more interpreter person with abilities, the reform that translates talent market and mansion retail sales for the standard and open make new contribution.

All delegate of graduate student of Master of direction of research of English department mouth, written translation, graduate that currently holds the post ofchannel of channel of Xiamen TV station to compile department head Huang Xiaolin to also represent this way makes a speech, he is right " center " can seasonable hold water express enthusiastic congratulation, foster to theirs to alma mater and teachers express cordial acknowledgment.
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