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Australian interpreter qualification is approbated bureau (Introduction NAATI)
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One, about NAATI

NAATI (Australian interpreter qualification is approbated bureau) full name is National Accreditation Authority For Translators And Interpreters. Total position is earthed up at Australian capital can pull, it is the oral interpretation with accepted international and orgnaization of attestation of written translation qualification, also be the orgnaization of interpreter major attestation with exclusive Australia. Have NAATI qualification attestation, with respect to all English nation obtain employment inside limits of OK and alive bound.

2, NAATI qualification delegate a lot of

1, have NAATI3 class to translate a qualification, you had the pass that applies for an interpreter in Australia government and even U.N. orgnaization, numerous private company
2, after passing NAATI to take an exam, your name translates NAATI of renown rank Australia directory.
3, after obtaining NAATI3 class to translate, you will have authority to sign for translation, your signature is approbated extensively.
4, more important is, after passing NAATI exam qualification, you can apply for Australian technology immigrant directly.

3, NAATI takes an exam structure

NAATI translates qualificatory cent to be 4 grade, level is higher, difficulty is greater. Every level has written translation and oral interpretation two kinds of qualifications take an exam. And in written translation exam, the applicant can choose in interpret flower or Ying Yizhong two direction. The exam of our citing Ying Yizhong: Examinee of requirement of written translation exam is in inside 2.5 hours beyond the interpreter that finishs 2 from inside 3 English articles that 250 words control, still must finish theory of 3 interpreters morality to inscribe two medium. Before the exam, examinee has 20 minutes read time. Allow to use dictionary and electronic dictionary when the exam. Exam full marks is 100 minutes, it is 70 minutes through the mark.

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