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" certificate of qualification of oral interpretation of Xiamen university Engli
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" certificate of qualification of oral interpretation of Xiamen university English takes an exam " introduction of series a series of books

As Beijing Shen Ao's success and China join WTO to become reality, internationalization rate of China is rising ceaselessly, this kind of trend brings the huge demand that to oral interpretation this kind of instant, efficient language serves inevitably, in order to assure the success of international communication. However the appoint of personnel of interpret of speak or sing alternately of social all circles still lies at present without condition of foreword, blind, the unit of choose and employ persons that needs oral interpretation service does not know how to find eligible oral interpretation talented person, the professional public figure that provides oral interpretation service cannot prove his qualifications and record of service again. Current, market of oral interpretation talent this kind of demand is out of line, the state of market disorder, already cannot assure oral interpretation quality. The expert of bound of domestic oral interpretation and a man of insight realise market of talent of normative oral interpretation already no time to delay.
Fall in this kind of situation just about, center of exam of certificate of qualification of written translation of Xiamen university mouth (the following abbreviation " exam center " ) held water in March 2002, of exam center hold water aim to develop person with ability of the in short supply mouth after entering a life with choose China, written translation. Certificate of qualification of English oral interpretation had been rolled out in the brief half an year that exam center establishs exam head period groom class, held certificate of qualification of oral interpretation of first time English various exam, was first personnel that takes an exam through qualificatory certificate to issue letter of various oral interpretation. This a series of activities all produced very big echo socially, be done to the height that waits for each respect leader takes seriously and be praised by bureau of Xiamen city foreign capital, human affairs bureau and city external affairs.
"Exam center " receive the phone that comes from countrywide each district and electric mail inquiry to concern ceaselessly since hold water take an exam and groom matters concerned. Understand the form that certificate of qualification of English oral interpretation takes an exam, requirement for convenient and extensive candidate for an entrance examination, offer effective oral interpretation to train material for examinee, exam center rolled out this to cover a series of books of series of exam of certificate of qualification of English oral interpretation.
Content of the exam form of 4 level that this series a series of books will take an exam to certificate of qualification of English oral interpretation, exam and judge standard make systematic introduction, those who be examinee for reference offer the oral interpretation that abound and has specific aim to groom material and vocabulary of classified oral interpretation. A series of books will raise oral interpretation to for reference level, actively for examinee provide effective help, also be the personage of social all circles that pursues oral interpretation job of purpose at the same time, college teacher is reached to understand oral interpretation qualification in student of school three-year institution of higher learning the exam, practical reference that increases oral interpretation capacity a series of books.
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