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Do all sorts of foreign languages translate certificate can you share clear?
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Shanghai English is medium, advanced oral interpretation post qualificatory certificate

■ provenance: Shanghai English is medium, advanced certificate of qualification of oral interpretation post is via Shanghai in short supply talent grooms qualification of examine and verify of office of project joint meeting, affirmed post of in short supply talent grooms one of projects.

Every passes this examiner, by Shanghai adult of educational committee, Shanghai teachs municipal Party committee of committee, Shanghai to organize ministry and bureau of Shanghai human affairs to unite print and issue letter.

■ ego evaluation: This year have been the 9th year of this piece of certificate, it is in Shanghai and even long triangle area, have taller brand famous spend and the person is angry. The largest crowd of to take an examination is an undergraduate. Oral interpretation grooms a kind of complement that the exam is current to our country university English education and English major education and rise, can cut destroy " understand not, do not tell piece " dummy English.

In talent market, unit of choose and employ persons is in invite applications for a job when a few post that need certain foreign language to communicate a level, also approve this piece of letter quite.

■ news channel: Language translation certificate takes an exam outside Http:// whole nation

■ exam of certificate of interpreter of foreign language of provenance whole nation is Ministry of Education exam center and collaboration of university of Beijing foreign language are held, the certificate of faces all citizen blame record of formal schooling that carries out in the whole nation takes an exam. Predecessor is the exam of attestation of qualification of a kind of English interpreter that university of Beijing foreign language faces a society to carry out, original name translates qualificatory certificate exam for English. Basically test examinee written translation and oral interpretation ability. Have English only at present a language, should expand in the future other language.

■ set letter of primary written translation: Prove holder can undertake interpret of English-Chinese each other with respect to the material of general difficulty, the interpreter that can get the better of the respect material such as file of the sex like either or business affairs works.

Certificate of intermediate written translation: Prove holder can undertake each other interpret with respect to common and English-Chinese textual material, the professional interpreter that can get the better of the material such as file of conference of international of the sex like either, science and technology or classics trade works.

Certificate of advanced written translation: It is important to prove holder can assume large international conference, government sector document and all sorts of professional the interpreter of the file, authorized reach final version job.
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