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Interpreter informal discussion (13) Han Yiying: Basic skill
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? ? ? I saw the paper market that publishs with English originally recently, be the case that introduces our country reforming and opening. Book the Communist Party of China has an implied meaning 18, among them 13 have translator to sign, and via 8 people check and approve, the others signs 5 pieces without translator, the likelihood is an author from interpret, perhaps write with English directly. ? ? ? These 18 articles all give the hand of the expert scholar of auto-correlation domain, professional stronger, it is good to want interpret, perhaps want to comment on the actor bad of translation, must have relevant knowledge. We do not have such requirement, and we see translated text only and do not see textual, accordingly we can offer a few views with respect to translation itself only. ? ? ? One. Noun with article? ? ? 1. ? Over Long Period Of Time In Our Country, state Enterprise Is A Main Provider In Respect To Financial Income Of Nation. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2. ? Those Belonged To The Latter Approach Pay Much More Attentions To The Individuals. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3. ? . . . In Term Of Both Economics And Environment. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4. ? In Other Word, what Do We Think. . . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 5. ? The Actual Situation Is Far From Such A Simple. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 6. ? In Addition, the Development Of Economy Always Has Periods Of Rise As Well As Fall. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 7. ? Since 1990 ' S, "Globalization " Has Almost Become An " Everyday Word " Of The Mass Media In Various Countries. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 8. ? Those Suffering More Have To Ask For Aids From IMF And Some Western Countries Like U.S. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 9. ? On June 5, 1972 In Stockholm, united Nations Held Its First UN Conference On Human Settlement, for The First Time Raising Human Environment Issue Into The Agenda Of International Politics. ? ? ? ? ? ? 10. . . .capacity Building Thus Becomes An Only Effective Approach To Sustainable Development. ? ? ? English noun is divided countable and cannot count a name, and often want and article use consecutively. Exemple 1 medium Period, enterprise and Nation are countable. Period is generally refer to here, saying is which period of time, because this wants to add errant article, say A Long Period Of Time. Enterprise also is generally refer to here, generally refer to often uses complex number, or add definite article with odd number, indicate this kind thing, because want to say State Enterprises here, or The State Enterprise, both neither uses complex number need not article is no good. Nation points to our country only here, must add definite article, say The Nation. Exemple 9 medium Issue also are to point to only, want to add definite article. ? ? ? Some nouns can use English already make countable, also can use as cannot count a name. Be like Preparation(s) , negotiation(s) , experience(s) , success(es) . These two kinds of usage, its meaning does not have big difference sometimes, differ somewhat sometimes. Exemple a kind of circumstance after one word belongs to 2 medium Attention. According to dictionary explanation, attentions serves as the complex number of countable, means Things That Sb Does To Try To Please You Or To Show Their Interest In You. Accordingly, exemple can use Attention 2 times, cannot use form of its complex number. ? ? ? English has some of phrase dispute to often be secured, be called Idioms, cannot alter easily, be like In Terms Of, in Other Words, etc. Accordingly, exemple 3 and exemple 4 useful odd number form of the noun is no good. ? ? ? English a lot of words can use as different parts of words, this is indicating in the dictionary. But we also cannot follow one's inclinations. Exemple the name should follow at the back of 5 Such A, putting a Simple to be over there is no good, actually this word wanted to go Such A cancel only. Far From Simple is equal to Not Simple, hold water also is on grammar. ? ? ? With Economy one statement make a general reference the economic atmosphere of a country or area, want to use definite article. Dictionary citing: The Economy Is In Recession. | The New Oil That We Have Found Will Improve The/our Economy. | The Slowdown In The Japanese Economy chooses the dictionary that differs from 3 3 times this, but used The, a dictionary explains first unexpectedly (Often The Economy) , next ability paraphrase. ? ? ? Express with English " 20 centuries 90 time " , should be The 1990 ' S. It is dispensable that that is cast aside, but definite article is must some. This, a lot of translator are easy oversight. ? ? ? Exemple 8 lis IMF should add definite article. Dictionary citing: The IMF Is An Organization Within The United Nations Which Is Concerned With Trade And Economic Development. Be in exemple 8 in, u.S. Use as noun, definite article also must be added in front. Be like again " European Union " abbreviate is The EU. Write in dictionary paraphrase: The EU Used To Be Known As The EC (European Community) . These a few names, the IMF, the EU, the United Nations, no matter be abbreviation or full name, when appearing as the noun in the sentence, want to add definite article. Where is the condition that does not impose definite article? Some. UNESCO, NATO, ASEAN, these words do not need to add definite article completely. What law is there but abide? Write according to Michael Swan placePractical English Usage
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