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Home translates market disorder earnestly to need to rectify
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The interpreter is the traditional industry with a long history, in the times of global economic integration, deepen further as our country reforming and opening, comprehensive national power promotes ceaselessly, before handing in empty external active, home translated a career to also obtain unprecedented development. Data shows, up to by 2007, interpreter production value of home already was amounted to 30 billion! The interpreter already made one of the whole nation's most popular industries, also be one of the most troubled industries.

Pass to enter a doorsill lowly to make in the past this industry good and evil people mixed up, mud and sand are carried along-there is mingling of good and bad, interpreter quality is ensured hard, interpreter dispute is ceaseless. Although China translates the dimensions of the market,pass one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, but the digestive capacity that translates a company is only 10-15 100 million yuan. And the inadequacy that applies as a result of advanced the lack that translates a talent, professional technology, much foreign language information cannot be translated, already affected pair of ab extra and significant information directly digest, caused the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of more collaboration opportunity. As we have learned, home the production value of 30 billion is dropped by nibble of foreign translation firm largely.

Refer the investigation case of the company according to a Shanghai, domestic translation firm is the good and bad are intermingled more. Sampling investigation 23 companies, basically be active in the expression on Internet, company website conduct propaganda attracts eyeball, on search engine the rank relies on the transducer compose before, letting a person look like at least is " so return a responsibility " , scope won't be very little. But the discovery in the investigation that is in advisory company: These " look very beautiful " in the company, the interpreter that has 69% does not handle official bussiness inside office building, about 50% right-and-left enrollment capital is in 100 thousand the following or did not register, the business on the website publicizes conspicuous company, about 40% it is an interpreter business should make edition, advertisement, meeting exhibit etc advocate the appurtenant avocation of course of study. The company under 10 people is occupied about 90% , some did not secure employee even. When firm of pardonable also very much translation speaks of the amount of full-time personnel, sedulous and evasive.

From the point of whole industry, professional interpreter corporation in the market only be in the minority. Most enterprise lacks the control of integral quality flow, guard estimation, the transducer compose of 85% above and company still stop in the phase of completely manual operation now. A few a few computer, personnel, undertook the whole thing whole business technological process, without the interpreter quality controls a tool, without complete translation character controls flow. Can assuring to translate quality below this kind of circumstance is an incredible story simply.
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