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In translating culture communication " father "
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The point of view that learns from speech looks, the text that after classics translator is translated, forms already was different from textual a copy for the record or for reproduction, however the speech text that translator understands. Text of speech of this one translator, be watch by the research technique of translator and acknowledge (intellectual structure and academic interest also are included inside) and those who form. Learn angle to come from this one speech the inhesion of analytic text is qualitative, apply to the research that translates text not merely, to classic research and foreign language education medium different culture communicates research also is feasible. It is below " father " the Japanese that 67 chapters differ 3 kinds translates text. Generation person is all critically my do-nothing way is old and unworthy (path) . But my path buts just about its are big and cannot see its real features, if visibility its, that is early make short way. My path is embedded 3 treasure, I am cherished all the time scrupulouslying abide by. Say " kind " , namely fatherly heart. 2 say " frugal " , namely economical character and morals. 3 say to not be common people first. The heart that has affection can become right a brave and strong man, have economical character and morals to meet Le Shanhao is applied, not be common people to be able to become the person that has tolerance most first. But nowadays, abandon fatherly heart and be about to become a brave and strong man, abandon economical character and morals and desire Le Shanhao is applied, after abandoning pleasant humanness and desire stand out, can forfeit only so life. In the final analysis, fatherly heart is essential, have this heart invincible, this heart defends the boiling water that be like gold, who has this heart day to also be met deliverance who, have this fatherly heart, can guard us safe and sound.

(Annotate of Fu Yongguang department " father " (below) morning sun library 1978 the 153rd, 155 pages) 2 had listened to me to say " path " the person grouses say, "Although " path " great and rather than is same kind, but always feel to have a pedantry and absurd energy of life. " because I say,having this feeling is " path " it is big really. If not quite, that is early be despised, was forgotten. But my hold 3 treasure, cherishing constantly. It is love firstly, it is content with one's lot secondly and do not beg more, it is to not be common people thirdly first. That is to say, love deeply only, the talented person will be right rise bravely. Ferial the wind with li of economical nurturance, once encounter the person of pinch, with respect to generously almsgiving at him. When be also common people first, imperceptible, others can push you from the back, make you enjoy Wang Zhe's treatment. Even self-reliant without love brave, or behoove is after the person, stand in ahead constrainedly, be without suffer a setback of exceptional and inevitable meeting. Actually, had deep pity and love, although failed in the battle, that also does not calculate going up is real failure, if stand fast, natural meeting impregnable. "Path " the love that if this is deep,has so namely, guarding you.
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