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The compilatory problem of dictionary of specialized subject of day Chinese scie
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-- judge Wang Tong of 100 million chief editor " day Chinese science and technology lexical encyclopedia "

Yang Quren of university of Guangdong foreign language foreign trade

, foreword
Since reforming and opening, the dictionary of our country compiled to obtain great progress with publication job. However inside fine view in, unavoidable the feeling that has the good and bad are intermingled, some even manufacture in a rough way, more what piracy borroweds is make. Pardonable somebody thinks of dictionary it is very easy to compile, want scissors to add only sizy can make up. The article is aimed at the problem that appears in dictionary at present, right the view that the compilatory problem of dictionary of specialized subject of day Chinese science and technology talks about him.

2, control word standard
The standard receiving a term of the dictionary and the type of limits receiving a term and dictionary and dimensions are having close relationship. The range receiving a term of large Chinese dictionary is wider, divide Gu Jin, new old, elegant common scarcely, also be foreign word or vocabulary of 100 divisions sex without giving thought to, include among them, OK even income the dialectal slang of a few models. Be like " dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " although be dictionary of a medium-sized and normative Chinese, still collected many classical Chinese, dialect and 100 divisions term. Can say dictionary of this kind of large Chinese, resemble dictionary of a 100 divisions sometimes. Go up in this bit, bilingual dictionary and odd phraseology are in charge of and do not have 2 send.

Dictionary of specialized subject of science and technology is to offer brainpower to consult of proper noun of science and technology or art pragmatics, do not receive average term. "Specialized subject (term) the dictionary is divided establish eye with the noun besides " . (Huang Jianhua, Chen Chuxiang, 1997:204) but as a result of " professional language and common language are of relative to character, can permeate each other between both. Same words and phrases is OK civilian when belong to common language to also belong to professional language " . (Huang Jianhua, Chen Chuxiang, 1997:193) so inevitably meeting is collected a few with the Chinese sex closely related content of science and technology vocabulary. However, those terms that are without be concerned with with science and technology criterion absolutely not should income.

Wang Tong of 100 million chief editor " encyclopedia of vocabulary of day Chinese science and technology " , just as its name implies is one is searched for brainpower outside Chinese contrast the specialized subject dictionary of jargon, receive vocabulary of science and technology only normally. But the author browsed casually " と " word head part, only before 4 pages half in collected with respect to discovery " い of 戶 be puzzled " " earthy common people " " earth sunlights day " " He Nu " " why い ら " " why ゃ ら " " why place ら " " alone ease 語 " wait for Chinese sex entry, "Change dogface big 隊 from 動 車 independently " " independent guard " " independent force " " independence big 隊 " wait for martial side entry and " と " " て of と あ つ " " ば of と あ れ " " だ of と of こ of と い う " etc grammar and even.
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