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Publish to the interpreter do " hair bag " say not
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Last year " civil collect read weekly " times of exposure of front page article is literary edition " collected works of Nobel literature award " be suspected of " in in interpret " , oppugn this book " translator " one person can translate Li Si unexpectedly ten kinds of characters. This book editor-in-charge says later, "Li Si " it is firm of a translation, this collected works is much person " interpreter " those who close. This matter ever had coverage of much home media, not come singly but in pairs, appeared in the newspaper again recently, have " history on the most arrogant translator " Long Jing, from 2004 since, translate unexpectedly published more than 20 kinds of books, involve flower, a variety of characters such as law, heart, publish 6 interpret one year on average to make, adscititious publish " Lin Hui is passed because of the picture " such monograph. Accompanying open-eyed with suspicion, figure out eventually, it is some people so in the interpreter publication domain also was done " hair bag " . It is a press include selection of subject of a series of books to a certain company, atelier or intermediary person, look for person interpreter separately by latter again, sign with unified translator finally.

It is OK to had listened to start a construction only previously layer upon layer " hair bag " , did not think of the mental product that publishs such concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals like the interpreter is produced, unexpectedly also somebody was done " hair bag " . Want to jump over concern more, because the interpreter is published,do " hair bag " , besides can help a press accelerate market of race to control giving a book, real corrupt practice is great. From purify and normative interpreter publishs order to tell, must publish to the interpreter do " hair bag " say not. Because,this is:

The first, irresponsible to former writer. The author has power office pen name, but a symbol that pseudonym also is work achievement and label, reflected the responsibility that assumes to work likewise. Translate the rights and interests of the person that work involves original work especially, because of this translator sign cannot do not have any restricting. The interpreter needs former writer authorization, if former writer has not been believed " Li Si " , " Long Jing " , your arrange their name, be opposite apparently former writer is irresponsible. Between different former writer and different translator, need different accredit to concern. To a few work, if did not obtain authorization of former writer one by one, make free with " the person that send a package " will sign, will form a the undersigned to be opposite the tort of former writer. This kind " hair bag " produce a translation, the likelihood causes the disorder that copyright concerns, bring about even issue of copyright of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals.

The 2nd, stripped the know the inside story of reader choice translator counterpoises. The interpreter is one kind is created again, different translator has different interpreter color, wait for a person of academic or artistic distinction like Fu Lei, Zhu Shenghao, had made a kind of brand of the interpreter. A lot of readers buy interpreter book, nature should understand the situation of translator, the translator that him first selection loves. But " hair bag " the interpreter book of type, only " Li Si " or " Long Jing " name, damaged true translator already sign authority, stripped again the know the inside story of reader choice translator counterpoises.
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