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"Work energetically go up quickly " who did type interpreter harm
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Tickler is not had on the world, be afraid of a person with high aspirations and determination only.

Before before long, fishing of dawn of king of scholar of institute of criticism of culture of the university that be the same as aid did an observant and conscientious person with serious bout, discover one signs unexpectedly " Long Jing " translator is in weak point 23 interpret were published to make at least in 4 years, then play call his " history on the most arrogant translator " .

Its " the most arrogant " reflect not only go up in the amount, return expression to be on sort, wei Bai, Luokefeile, earth up root, Buddhist nun to collect etc, domain of sagacious of literary history of over or across, she is it seems that " Britannic encyclopedia " ideal translator. And before Long Jing, have a translator that calls Li Si more, translated those who amount to 26 " collected works of Nobel literature award " (the times is literary press, 2006) , involve much language, nevertheless he still calculates modesty, in sign from the back add last " etc " word.

Translate such with amazing speed, its quality also canned be imagined. Read on the net in forum, the book of dragon Jing interpret is included " do not read " list. The netizen says, to a such translator, more it is the authenticity that suspects its the interpreter and dependability, to the translation of this kind of hurriedly-written essay, suggest to be not read. Sneer at even she says: "We believe to there is dragon young lady on the world cannot the book of interpret, only dragon young lady has not enough time to go the book of interpret. "

In recent years, of book of domestic and international domain introduce grow day and day, interpreter rate is rapidder and rapidder also. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, our country is current the interpreter cycle of a book often has 10 days of time to two months only. The novel of 250 thousand word, if invite 5 translator one case " work energetically go up quickly " , a week left and right sides is achievable. And foreign press translates outside work to be as long as half an year is more even.

"Work energetically go up quickly " the drive that the backside that type translates is commercial interest. Under globalization tide, home external domain book demand increases increasingly, then a few presses or violate compasses the civilian battalion bookseller that buys book number to give a book, to seek commercial increase the biggest change, the interpreter is compressed as far as possible when publication interpret is written time, reduce interpreter cost, look for a few undergraduates that accumulate without experience of too much interpreter and knowledge to become even cheap labour force, coarse joining together undertakes after be being translated to drive plan to arrange much person section sometimes. A book, not only around interpreter quality is different, style of writing is different also, and interpret of mistranslate, leakage 100. Bus company was become by interpret " clever station " ; Belch is made by interpret actually " fart " ; More do those who laugh is, somebody becomes the Mencius interpret that appears in English origianl work unexpectedly " Meng Xiusi " , the Mencius exit of his a respectful form of address for an old person turns sale in domestic market, to had an ocean renown.
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