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Private foreign-related activities may also request professional translators
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Reception of foreign, study abroad, translation of documents and other public and private due to foreign-related activities are no longer as a professional translator or contact find no one to turn to worry about. Yesterday, the approval by the City Organization Committee, the city service center Aliens And Foreign Affairs Translation Center, the city was formally established outside Qiaoban. According to reports, the alien from the 54 service centers or alien policies proficient in foreign languages of professionals, mainly to take charge of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to visit the visiting Foreign Service, in association with the city's large foreign affairs activities for Foreign Capital , Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao, returned overseas advisory coordination services. Translation Center Foreign Affairs to take charge of the city is a large translation of foreign affairs, foreign affairs as the city leaders attended the translation task; co-ordinating body evaluation systems training titles translators; for the city districts, businesses, municipal department Doors, and other foreign affairs activities of the contractor to provide translation services; important work for the city's information, correspondence, etc. to provide translation support. Translation Center Foreign Affairs official said, comparing the current shortage of translators in Chongqing, in particular the translation of high level talent is lacking. Foreign Affairs Translation Center was established, it will continue to absorb high levels of translation professionals.
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