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Google is working to develop real-time voice translation software Android
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According to foreign media reports, Google is developing for the Android system, a real-time voice translation software, the phone immediately after installing the software, the user voice translated into the target language. Although still in the research phase of the project, Google is still in Berlin this week, the International Consumer Electronics Show for doing product demonstrations. Allegedly, the demo version of the software enables real-time between English and German language Sound translation. Since the Android store on-line, there have been a large number of applications related to translation, but until recently, such software began to involve speech recognition technology. Google is particularly interested in this technology, recently released a voice-operation Software Google Voice Actions, and is committed to other similar projects. This is an important goal of Google, and Android devices and interactive applications that can help consumers to increase productivity, make Android systems and equipment more attractive to businesses and individual users.
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